Learning Tools Are Not Reality

Learning tools — including the common ways that anatomy is depicted — provide a model only; they are not reality.

A Vital Reminder from the Cadaver Lab

Once upon a time, I got to attend a one-day cadaver lab… the muscles and nerves look NOTHING like the anatomy books… Let me tell you, after memorizing the four rotator cuff muscles from a book, you think you’ve got it and then you go look for them… It was probably the first time I began to understand that we are truly all one, intertwined, connected mix of muscles, tissues, nerves, everything is all together. There’s not a perfectly perfect supraspinatus just sitting there waiting to be examined… [And] the sciatic nerve. No wonder it’s such a pain in the ***. It’s HUGE. Also fascinating, the glutes… Seeing the size of these muscles and knowing they are meant to be strong and utilized for healthy locomotion was really cool. Again, [though,] they were just layers of muscles that were not distinguishable to me. – Terry Littlefield