Balancing stability and ease

As Olga Kabel notes, yoga can be adapted to address imbalance on any level — physical, mental or emotional — and on any end of the spectrum, from “too tight” to “too loose.”

Too Tight or Too Loose?

On the physical level, being too tight manifests as muscle tension, restricted movement and the whole body being “stuck” in a posture that you assume for most of your day. Being too loose leads to overall structural instability, overworked muscles that have to both move the body and hold it together, sacroiliac joint pain, dislocations and so on… The cool thing about yoga is that unlike other disciplines (like physical therapy, psychology, philosophy and so on), it offers us tools to work toward balance between stability and ease… And the choice of appropriate yogic tools will depend on which level of your system needs more tuning. Not all of those tools are asana-related. – Olga Kabel