Professional Development

In addition to the RYT (200HOURS), Revive Academy offers many specialised courses
for yoga teachers who wish to further their knowledge and maybe take their career
down a more specialist route.

Government Funding Grants Available

Are you looking to enroll on one of our courses and are based in Merseyside, UK?

We are approved for government funding grants for successful candidates who are Merseyside residents of up to 70% of the fees (t&cs apply, eligibility criteria must be met). Email to find out more.


Courses for Yoga Instructors

Completed your Yoga Teacher Training course, and ready to expand into new areas?
Revive host fully accredited and popular courses for Yoga Instructors looking to further
develop their expertise in the Yoga industry. Take a look at what courses we offer below.

Yoga For Mental Health

This training is designed to support you – the yoga teacher – in working with yourself and your students intelligently and with common sense, whilst motivating yourself with kindness (ahimsa) rather than criticism.

In this training, you will dive into the holistic framework of yoga. You will discuss safety, trauma, psychotic vulnerability, depression, addiction (change management), stress and burn-out in relation to how yoga can support and assist the return to a balanced state of emotional well-being.

1 in 4 of all adults experience a mental health issue each year with GPs prescribing mood-enhancing activities such as yoga, mindfulness and mediation as the first step towards recovery, the number of people accessing your yoga sessions who are living with mental ill-health will be far more than 1 in 4.

Would you know how to support someone in a mental health crisis?

This is why we are excited to offer on our unique, bespoke training opportunity alongside practical application in a studio setting delivered by master trainer Victoria Lewis.

  • 48 hours CPD
  • Trauma informed yoga
  • Yoga for grief
  • Yoga for anxiety
  • Yoga for bi-polar
  • Yoga for depression
  • Yoga for eating disorders
  • Yoga for dementia and alzheimer’s
  • Yoga for caregivers
  • Templates for session delivery
  • Sequencing plans

Teaching Yoga To Those Affected By Cancer

This course is for yoga teachers who want to develop their skills so that they fell confident and able to plan, create and deliver safe and effective classes to those living with or affected by cancer.

Topics covered include:

1. How to develop and show empathy for the cancer patients journey – including not only the cancer patient, but empathy for families, close friends etc)
2. Learn to construct a safe and effective class for survivors
3. Explore the yamas and niyamas as a basis for creating a safe and compassionate class
4. A general background on common types of cancer and how it can affect a persons body and movements.
5. Explore the yamas and niyamas as tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue, death and dying.
6. The language of hope i.e. using appropriate language to support cancer patients.
7. Anatomy and Physiology of cancer for common cancers
8. The reality of dealing with death and dying

48 hours CPD – all training materials provided.

Pre And Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course

48 hours – Pregnancy yoga assists mum with her yoga practice during a very special time. This training course will enable you to take mum and baby safely through each trimester of pregnancy and also birth preparation. And when mum’s ready, you’ll be able to guide her gently through her post-natal recovery.

Plus a minimum of 20 hours non-contact home study.

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to teach pre and post natal yoga.


Pre and post natal depression

Yoga for each trimester

Post natal yoga and Pilates

Common pregnancy ailments

Sensible sequencing

Yoga philosophy

Anatomy and physiology

Reformer Core Yoga

Reformer Pilates is fast becoming the go-to class if you’re looking to strengthen and sculpt your body.

The practice has received particular press attention this year, with personalities from newlywed Megan Markle to professional World Cup football players singing its praises – join this movement of elite trainers and get the qualification to deliver effective, safe yoga and core classes on the reformer machine.

With a focus on resistance and alignment, this 20th century concept of exercise is undoubtedly challenging for both the body and the mind. The whole workout is done on a reformer machine – a sliding metal bed with springs and pullies, which adds intensity to the exercises through resistance.

As practiced today, yoga and Pilates are both celebrated for their numerous health benefits, from offering connection to the body and stress relief, to developing flexibility, strength, control and endurance. There are countless interpretations of both disciplines (and one person’s balance class is another person’s cardio) but what links them both is breath work.

This course will prepare you to teach a broad range of exercises, variations and modifications performed on the Reformer, and how to combine Mat and Reformer based workouts for increased variety and intensity.

It will develop your sequencing skills so that you are able to safely and effectively teach yoga flow on the reformer, yin on the reformer and core Pilates.

This course is limited to a maximum of 6 students and is 48 hours of training.

Carries 48 hour CPD points with yoga alliance.

Funding is available for up to 70% of course fees for successful applicants. Revive doesn’t not approve course funding and applicants must apply themselves (funding criteria applies).

Wellness Business Development Course

What  the course entails?

For those who haven’t yet completed YTT (200) you will have access to our online learning platform as soon as you sign up. 

Qualifications you will gain:

 Yoga Teacher RYT (500) – to become an “experienced” yoga teacher and be able to run Yoga teacher training courses you will need to log 2000 hours of teaching. If you already have a 200 hour qual start to log your teaching hours now.

This course includes yoga for mental health incl eating disorders, yoga for cancer, accessible yoga, yoga for older populations 

Master breathwork practitioner – you will be a leader on the field and able to hold space for group and 1-2-1 breathwork sessions.

Kundalini yoga teacher 

Kids yoga teacher 

Pre and post natal yoga teacher 

Womb healing and women’s circle facilitator

Retreat facilitator

Mat based pilates level 2

The training also covers business development, social media training, mental health first aid and emergency first aid.

If running a yoga training school is a pathway for you we are pleased to offer franchises whereby we can provide you with all of the training manuals, online platforms, websites etc. 

This training will take place over 2 years and 6 months and will include a 4 day retreat to portugal with accommodation and breakfast included (flights and transfers not incl but can be arranged) 

We can only accommodate a maximum of 10 students on this training course and a minimum attendance of 80% is required. If any modules are missed the student may have to re-sit the missed module with another student group or with private tuition at an extra cost.

The cost of the training is £7995, students who book before 30th august 2023 can take advantage of an early bird discount £7495 saving £500 and returning revive students recoeve a further £500 discount if booking before 30th aug 2023.

Payment can be made in instalments and spread over the duration of the course.

Typical instalment plan :

Course cost £7995

  • Early bird discount £7495
  • Deposit £1495
  • 30 x monthly instalments £200 

There are 2 options for Portugal 2024 – may and September.


If you want to embody the ultimate Goddess (Divine Mother, cleanse your karmas, embody your soul potential, or understand the inner workings of the Sacred Feminine—then this is your journey, your dharma.

With a Purified and Empowered Womb Chakra You Can:

  • Wash out past karmas,
  • Transcend the play of karma and illusion on you,
  • Live your life from your soul energy,
  • Clear heartbreaks,
  • Clear negative and abusive sexuality,
  • Receive physical healing,
  • Develop union energy in relationships,
  • Create a divine child during conception and pregnancy,
  • Connect to the powers of creation, and
  • Link to the Divine Mother’s miracle energies for healing and enlightenment.

This course presents the ancient formulas of the mantra and yantra system to purify and empower your womb chakra. As well, you will understand the womb chakra ‘s connection to:

  • Creation,
  • Sri Chakra,
  • Kala (time),
  • Kama (desire),
  • Brahman Consciousness,
  • Enlightenment,
  • Healing, and
  • The practices Mother Mary used in her pregnancy, at the crucifixion, and resurrection.

This course is different from other online courses as all sessions are live, Victoria is with you every step of the way. Expertly guiding you along your own personal transformational journey and helping you to step into your truth as a true knowledgeable, confident, authentic practitioner.

Please don’t worry if you cannot attend live as the recordings will be sent to you following the session, note that since this is a certification programme you will need to check In with questions once the recording is sent so that we can be sure you have received the teachings.

Victoria has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years and created Revive over 10 years ago with the dream of creating a dynamic tribe of inspiring, authentic, knowledgeable, creative teachers who all contribute to raising the collective vibration.

All students will receive a goddess chest containing crystals, herbs, meditation scripts, womb journal and incense for use during the course. The course manual is available via PDF download but can be printed at an additional cost (POA).

This course cannot be rushed….as you need time to process…time to embrace time to say yes to receive and absorb the teachings…time to practice your kraft……time to release all doubts and to stand strong and to step into the light as a confident, competent, and authentic goddess.

Lightworkers, healers, goddesses we cannot wait to start this journey with you.

For details on our next course please contact and we will be happy to send you the course prospectus



Breathwork is the fastest growing wellness trend, and the interest keeps growing as more and more people are reaping the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of this ancient practice.

Breathwork practices aren’t new, they have been around for thousands of years – it just took the western world a minute to catch on.

Now is your opportunity to meet the increasing demand for breathwork, to do what you love which is to help people to heal, to become their best selves and to raise the collective vibration.

As a revive breathwork instructor you will learn how to combine breathwork, movement, mantra, mudras, and meditation – working with the subtle body system so that you can meet the demands of this ever-growing trend.

The course is split into 3 phases and contains but is not limited to:

Phase 1 – The practice – your own 10-week journey of transformation. We cannot teach what we haven’t experienced for ourselves.  

We begin with a full retreat day so that students can immerse themselves in the experience. Course manuals and workbooks will be distributed, and students will get access to our video library of tutorials and Facebook group.

Over the next 10 weeks students will attend twice weekly live online zoom sessions at 6am Tuesdays and Thursdays and a fortnightly session Saturdays 7-9am

Why in the morning? Because the morning is a special time of the day – the air is still and sweet, the birds are singing, all of nature is priming for a new day – your nervous system is built to respond to the qualities of morning in the same way – ready for renewal.

Phase 2 – Teaching methods and practicum

  1. Anatomy and physiology
  2. Steam therapy – benefits, health, and safety considerations
  3. Breathing and your metabolism – can breathing help you lose weight?
  4. Teaching skills – vocal tone and projection, the art of demonstration, adjustments etc
  5. The subtle body and the breath
  6. Mudras and breathwork
  7. Mantras, music, and healing
  8. Movements to enhance breathwork techniques
  9. Health and safety – contraindications
  10. Adapting for student types
  11. The science behind cold water therapy
  12. The revive method
  13. Working with trauma

Phase 3 – Creating a successful business (working with individuals, small/large groups, creating an online presence)

  1. Finding your USP
  2. Creating successful breathwork groups
  3. Working with individual clients
  4. Policies e.g., code of conduct, code of ethics
  5. Equity and diversity
  6. Inclusivity and accessibility
  7. Social media and marketing
  8. First Aid and health and safety incl risk assessments, insurance, waivers, and liability
  9. Career development

This is a hybrid course blending live online training with some optional face to face training on the Wirral (students will be able to join all sessions live via zoom if they cannot attend in person)


To be certified students will be required to submit all tasks as directed by teaching staff, attend all sessions, or catch up by watching the recordings, fully participate in all practical sessions, maintain their revive journal and demonstrate accurate knowledge of the revive method via the submission of a recording of them teaching a session along with a class plan. They will also need to submit their case study (which they will begin after phase 2).


The cost of this training is £1899 – a non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to secure your place. Students who wish to pay for the training in full will receive a 20% discount on the training. Payment by instalment options is available – please speak to us about a payment plan. 

All students will be provided with:

Course workbook (hardcopy)

Course manual (pdf version)

Cold water therapy portable barrel (free P&P to UK  – Additional charges may apply for overseas P.O.A)

Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor Training 

Pilates reformer classes are the fastest growing trend – they are SOLD OUT all over the country with personal training sessions costing around £60.  

Get qualified and start teaching in 2024!!! 

Our courses will teach you the basic and intermediate moves which will be suited to a mixed ability group fitness class – we will also teach you how to create dynamic fun choreographed classes to Music which will ensure employment in Pilates studios and gyms throughout the UK. 

 Our courses are recognised worldwide and are accredited by AFAA, NASM and Yoga Alliance Professionals 

Mat level 3 consists of 3 weekend intensives plus at-home study (approx 30hours). The weekend intensives can be taken in-studio or via zoom.

  • Assessment will be via a theory test (80% score to pass), submission of a progressional 4 week class plan and 1 group teaching practical (60mins) 
  • Pilates reformer will be held over 3 intensive weekends – face to face is preferred but can be taken via zoom upon request. Students are expected to undertake at-home study also (approx 30 hours) 
  • Assessment will be via submission of a progressional personal training 4 week plan, a progressional 4 week group class plan and 1 group teaching practical (60 mins) 

The cost for mat based level 3 contemporary Pilates training is £895 

 *get in touch to find out early bird discounted prices

The cost for contemporary reformer Pilates (beginner and intermediate) is £895 

 Book 2 courses together for £1550 *early bird discounted price of £1395 if booked and paid for in full 

Payment plans are available upon request 

 We can only Accept 8 students maximums on each training course. Deposit of £250 is required to secure your space (non-refundable). Once deposit is received you will have immediate access to the online anatomy and physiology training which is recommended to be completed before the first face to face start date 

 For a full course overview please email