Spine & Back – Anatomy & Posture

Objectives at a Glance

Spinal Regions & Vertebrae

Become proficient in the anatomy of the spine including each of the five regions, the spinal curves and the vertebrae.

Back Muscles

Learn the anatomical terminology and function of superficial, intermediate and deep back muscles.

Spinal Functions

Learn the functions of the spine and the attributes of a healthy spine.

Spinal Movements

Become proficient in using accurate terminology related to spinal movements and how to apply knowledge of the movements to inform teaching of the various categories of asana.

Healthy Posture

Learn terminology and considerations related to “anatomical position,” “neutral,” and the attributes and implications of healthy posture.

Postural Issues & Conditions

Become knowledgeable about postural issues such as thoracic mobility issues, hyperlordosis and kyphosis, and the vast variety of potential causal factors.

The Spine Teaching Considerations

Apply knowledge of a healthy spine and compensatory movement patterns to support effective teaching of asana.