Sequencing Foundations

1. Class Elements

Learn to consider a multitude of yoga techniques to create comprehensive class plans.

2. Sequencing Fundamentals & Guidelines

Lay the foundation for sequencing poses to safely and effectively meet class objectives.

3. Choosing & Arranging Poses

Learn how to apply anatomy, biomechanics and knowledge of poses to choose and arrange poses in order to promote a balance of strength and flexibility, prepare for a peak pose, sequence vinyasa flow, and meet other objectives.

4. Segmenting Your Class

Become familiar with how a class can be segmented in order to assist in effective sequencing and pacing, and how to use a segmented class framework for setting and meeting intentions.

5. Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

Explore how yoga affects energy and understand the guiding principles and practice effects of yogic tools (langhana, brahmana, samana) in order to sequence in a way that promotes energetic balance.