Ethics & Equity

1. Relationships, Ethics, Abuse

Become knowledgeable about ethical factors in teacher-student relationships, including the likelihood of psychological transference, and reflect on how to wisely fulfill the responsibility of a teacher.

2. Equity in Yoga – Inclusion & Diversity

Understand the factors that impact equity and diversity in yoga and become familiar with specific ways to mindfully and proactively address these factors.

3. Inclusive & Accepting Word Choice

Become competent in choosing words that inspire an inclusive and accepting environment in which to practice yoga.

4. Cultural Appropriation & Cultural Exchange

Be aware of what cultural appropriation looks like; the historical context that explains the significance of honoring the roots of yoga; and how to mindfully and ethically do so.

5. Body Positivity + Larger Bodies

Be aware of perspectives and actions that can help to support students in having a body positive experience.